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Viewpoint: The CERN Effect

Professor Sijbrand de Jong, President of CERN Council, offers his viewpoint on CERN's role in transferring innovation and knowledge so that cutting-edge research can benefit society.

His viewpoint was published in the April edition of the CERN Courier.

Camstech Biotech Startup Enters CERN Business Incubation Centre

A new biotech startup, called Camstech and which uses CERN technology, was welcomed into the STFC CERN UK Business Incubation Centre in March 2016.

**Open** Two Knowledge Transfer Officer positions.

There are two openings in the Knowledge Transfer group at CERN. For more details, please consult the full opening details on CERN's career website.


Make Your Next Scientific Conference Stand Out

Do start-ups have a dedicated space at your next scientific conference? “The CERN Knowledge Transfer Group is committed to strengthening the links between research and entrepreneurship,” says David Mazur, who leads the Intellectual Property Dissemination at CERN.

Spanish BIC of CERN technologies

The latest Business Incubation Centre of CERN technologies (BIC) agreement was signed on October 19th in conjunction with the Spanish Association of Science Industry INEUSTAR.

INEUSTAR is a non-profit, nationwide, private industrial association. One of its main objectives is the promotion of new activities in the domain of the so-called Science Industry based on knowledge and experiences originating from that sector.

CERN Knowledge Transfer exhibits at SEMICON Europa 2015

From 6 until 8 October, CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group is present at SEMICON Europa 2015, the largest trade fair and conference in Europe dedicated to the Semiconductor industry. At a stand shared with the IRT NanoElec consortium (ESRF, ILL and CEA), CERN’s technologies in medical imaging (Medipix), radiation-hard electronics, Monte Carlo simulation and radiation testing are being actively promoted to over 4000 visitors.

CERN exhibits at RADECS in Moscow


17 September 2015, Moscow

EuCARD-2 Workshop on Applications of Thermal Management Materials

In the framework of EuCARD-2, an ambitious research program has been undertaken to investigate, process and characterise novel composite materials. These are intended to combine optimum mechanical, thermal and electrical properties, such as mechanical strength, melting temperature, thermal shock resistance, electrical conductivity, and energy absorption.

ICTR-PHE 2016 - February 15-19



Date: February 15 – 19, 2016 CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

Abstract submission closes: October 16, 2015

Early registration closes: October 16, 2015

Late registration closes: January 18, 2016

Conference webpage:


Workshop on Innovation & Growth, a process engaging both public and private sectors

Innovation is a magic word in the modern world economy. But magic comes with a bit of a mystery, fear and mechanisms not entirely crystal clear. The workshop was born as an occasion to address and discuss such issues. Or at least some of the major points in an audience where economists mix with practitioners, where scientists address industry (and vice versa), where theoreticians and experimentalists debate and discuss. And, with a bit of luck, even politicians and decision makers will pop-up (maybe).

CERN spin-off TIND Technologies

CERN spin-off TIND Technologies has been selected to deliver the cloud-based library management system to the California Institute of Technology. The basis of the system is Invenio, an open source software package originally developed to host the CERN document server.

CERN Entrepreneurship Meet-Up

Before taking a summer holiday, the CERN Entrepreneurship Meet-Up organised a pitching competition for aspiring entrepreneurs currently working at CERN. The meet-ups are an arena for CERN people who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation to meet, discuss, learn and share ideas, and are arranged every other Wednesday.

The pitching competition gave the 13 participants 5 minutes to present their ideas, which ranged from automotive inverters for stationary solar installations to mobile phone apps for monitoring personal finances.

EIROforum Science-Business WISSAB - 21-22 September 2015

When: 21-22 September 2015

Where: Advanced Training Center (ATC), EMBL Heidelberg,
Meyerhofstrasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Registration deadline: September 1, 2015

Official workshop website:


Business Incubation Centres of CERN Technology

Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th of May, marks two important developments for CERN in terms of supporting the creation of businesses using CERN technologies.

Knowledge Transfer 2014

Knowledge Transfer Annual Report 2014

NTNU Business Incubation Centre of CERN Technology

On Monday the 13th of October Pro-Rector Johan E. Hustad from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and CERN Director for Research and Computing Sergio Bertolucci, signed an agreement between NTNU and CERN for the establishment of a new Business Incubation Centre of CERN technologies.

Second ICTR-PHE conference closed its doors

From 10 to 14 February, physicists, medical doctors and life science experts met again in Geneva to discuss how to improve the use of innovative techniques in the fight against cancer.

3D-printing company joins STFC CERN BIC

Croft Additive Manufacturing is the first company to join the STFC-CERN BIC, the UK-based business incubation centre established by the 

Science and Business WAMAS

The first EIROforum workshop for Science and Business on Advanced Materials and Surfaces (WAMAS) took place at the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN on 19-20 November 2013.

New version of CERN open hardware licence

In March 2011 CERN released the first version of its Open Hardware Licence, a document to govern the use, copying, modification and distribution of hardware design documentation, and the manufacture and distribution of products. Now a new version of the licence is freeing designers to experiment further and exchange more knowledge related to hardware technologies.

CERN to produce radioisotopes for health

A groundbreaking ceremony at CERN today marked the beginning of the construction of CERN MEDICIS, a research facility that will make radioisotopes for medical applications. The facility will use a proton beam at ISOLDE to produce the isotopes, which are first destined for hospitals and research centres in Switzerland, and will progressively extend to a larger network of laboratories in Europe and beyond.

Funding Innovation

Five projects promoting knowledge transfer from CERN to society get financial support from the KT Fund. 

Accelerating sustainability

Managing energy efficiency and quality is a key challenge for accelerator laboratories such as CERN and other large-scale scientific facilities. CERN is on the case.

Biology, Medicine and Physics to fight cancer

The first joint International Conference on Translational Research in Radiation Oncology and CERN’s Physics for Health workshop to take place in Geneva February 27 – March 2, 2012.

Hadron Therapy gains momentum in Europe

Members of ENLIGHT, the European Network for LIGht ion Hadron Therapy, gather in Marburg (Germany) for their annual meeting to review the recent developments in the field. ENLIGHT was set up in 2002 and funded by the EC in order to create a common platform for sharing data, information and best practices. Since 2006, the network continues without funding, and is co-ordinated by CERN’s Life Sciences Advisor Manjit Dosanjh.

CERN Open Hardware Licence

CERN Open Hardware Licence (OHL) is a legal framework to facilitate knowledge exchange across the electronic design community.

Version 1.1 of the Licence, written by Myriam Ayass, legal adviser of CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group, was issued in July 2011.