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Second ICTR-PHE conference closed its doors

From 10 to 14 February, physicists, medical doctors and life science experts met again in Geneva to discuss how to improve the use of innovative techniques in the fight against cancer.

3D-printing company joins STFC CERN BIC

Croft Additive Manufacturing is the first company to join the STFC-CERN BIC, the UK-based business incubation centre established by the 

Science and Business WAMAS

The first EIROforum workshop for Science and Business on Advanced Materials and Surfaces (WAMAS) took place at the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN on 19-20 November 2013.

New version of CERN open hardware licence

In March 2011 CERN released the first version of its Open Hardware Licence, a document to govern the use, copying, modification and distribution of hardware design documentation, and the manufacture and distribution of products. Now a new version of the licence is freeing designers to experiment further and exchange more knowledge related to hardware technologies.

CERN to produce radioisotopes for health

A groundbreaking ceremony at CERN today marked the beginning of the construction of CERN MEDICIS, a research facility that will make radioisotopes for medical applications. The facility will use a proton beam at ISOLDE to produce the isotopes, which are first destined for hospitals and research centres in Switzerland, and will progressively extend to a larger network of laboratories in Europe and beyond.

Particle detectors for the classroom

Physics teacher Becky Parker of the Physics Simon Langton Grammar School in the UK keeps particle detectors in her classroom. For years, her students have been using Medipix2 detector - silicon-pixel particle detectors that fit on a chip - to perform real physics experiments and find out what scientific research is all about.


The second International Conference on Translational Research in Radio-Oncology and Physics for Health in Europe (ICTR-PHE) will take place 10-14 February 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland.

ENET meeting 2013

The ENET is the Knowledge Transfer group external network that brings together knowledge and technology transfer experts from CERN and from its Member States.
Members of the network work to bridge the gap between CERN’s knowledge transfer opportunities (such as technologies, collaborative R&D projects, business development infrastructures etc.) and the people, research centres and businesses that can benefit from them in the Member States.

Knowledge transfer talks at MEF


From 29 to 31 May, CERN will be present at the first MEF, the Meyrin Economic Forum organised by the Commune de Meyrin.

The forum aims at bringing together private and public companies and institutions with the objective of building new economic synergies.

CERN will be have a stand staffed by Knowledge Transfer experts and Human Resources representatives.

The third day of the event will be dedicated to the general public and pupils from local schools.

ENLIGHT - 10 years on

Ten years ago, in February 2002, the ENLIGHT network had its inaugural meeting.
The annual meeting which will take place in September in Pavia will not only mark the 10th anniversary of ENLIGHT, but also the end of the first training project sponsored by the network, PARTNER.
It will be a time to celebrate the accomplishments of this decade, but also to look at the future, develop new strategies, and find ways to keep the community always connected.

KT Fund 2012

The call for proposals for the KT Fund 2012 is open until 24 September 2012.
The KT Fund is made available by the Knowledge Transfer group to support CERN's inventors in the financing and development of projects and ideas with a potential for knowledge and technology transfer.
Read more about projects' eligibility on the KT Fund webpages.

Global Innovation Index 2012

Co-published by WIPO and INSEAD, the Global Innovation Index is a global report in which new metrics and approaches are used to better capture the richness of innovation in both developed and emerging economies.
CERN’s Director General, Rolf Heuer, is a Member of the Advisory Board which was set up in 2011 to advise on the research underlying the GII and to assist as appropriate with the dissemination of the GII messages and results.
The 2012 edition of the Global Innovation Index will be launched on 3 July 2012 at WIPO headquarters, Geneva.

CERN Easy Access IP

CERN Easy Access IP is a new opportunity to share CERN’s Intellectual Property.

The scheme involves making some of CERN’s technologies available free of royalties, released only to partners who can best develop them to benefit the economy and society.

Read more: CERN Easy Access IP



Internationalising Knowledge Transfer

Representatives from technology transfer offices of major European public research organisations*, industrial representatives, and European Commission staff took part in the third meeting of the European TTO Circle on 26-26 April 2012. The meeting took place in Rome, hosted by ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development and by CNR, the National Research Council.

Accelerating Business

CERN and the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council announce the launch of a new Business Incubation Centre (BIC) at the STFC’s Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus.

The centre will provide a new technology transfer opportunity to bridge the gap between basic science and industry, supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in taking innovative technologies related to high energy physics from technical concept to market reality.

Press release

Training in Technology Transfer

For the fourth year, NTNU students visited CERN to participate in a training week to appraise five selected technologies and assess their commercial potential, in the framework of CERN’s Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management activities.

Funding Innovation

Five projects promoting knowledge transfer from CERN to society get financial support from the KT Fund. 

Networking knowledge

On 1 July 2011 the rotating Chairmanship of EIROforum passed from EFDA-JET to CERN.

Accelerating sustainability

Managing energy efficiency and quality is a key challenge for accelerator laboratories such as CERN and other large-scale scientific facilities. CERN is on the case.

Biology, Medicine and Physics to fight cancer

The first joint International Conference on Translational Research in Radiation Oncology and CERN’s Physics for Health workshop to take place in Geneva February 27 – March 2, 2012.

Hadron Therapy gains momentum in Europe

Members of ENLIGHT, the European Network for LIGht ion Hadron Therapy, gather in Marburg (Germany) for their annual meeting to review the recent developments in the field. ENLIGHT was set up in 2002 and funded by the EC in order to create a common platform for sharing data, information and best practices. Since 2006, the network continues without funding, and is co-ordinated by CERN’s Life Sciences Advisor Manjit Dosanjh.

Hardware joins the Open Movement

CERN Open Hardware Licence (OHL) is a legal framework to facilitate knowledge exchange across the electronic design community.

CERN Open Hardware Licence

CERN Open Hardware Licence (OHL) is a legal framework to facilitate knowledge exchange across the electronic design community.

Version 1.1 of the Licence, written by Myriam Ayass, legal adviser of CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group, was issued in July 2011.