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Training in Technology Transfer

Students from the School of Entrepreneurship of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) took part in a technology transfer training week.

For the fourth year, NTNU students visited CERN to participate in a training week to appraise five selected technologies and assess their commercial potential, in the framework of CERN’s Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management activities.

During the hands-on experience students met CERN inventors and Technology Transfer Officers of selected technologies belonging to CERN’s technology portfolio. In order to identify their commercial potential, students were asked to assess technologies in different stages of commercialization, find new fields of applications, and identify key industrial partners.

“The screening week provided the students with an opportunity to apply their creativity in a real technology transfer case. Within a short timeframe, the students found different applications and managed to seek out the key contact person for different industries.” says CERN’s Patent Portfolio Manager, Telma Mantas, who coordinated the screening week.


February 2012