CERN Accelerating science

European Organization for Nuclear Research

Internal Network

The Internal Network, composed of the Departmental Knowledge Transfer (KT) Coordinators of each CERN department plus a representative from the Safety Commission, acts as the focal point within the departments on all matters relating to knowledge and technology transfer.

Beams Department (BE)

KT Coordinator (BE-OP): Michael Benedikt
KT Coordinator (BE-RF): Fritz Caspers
KT Coordinator (BE-BI): Bernd Dehning
KT Coordinator (BE-CO): Juan David Gonzalez Cobas
KT Coordinator (BE-CO): Erik van der Bij

Engineering Department (EN)

KT Coordinator: Stefano Sgobba

Finance, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer Department (FP)

KT Coordinator: Dante Gregorio

General Infrastructure Services Department (GS)

KT Coordinator: Doreen Laura Klem

Information Technology Department (IT)

KT Coordinator: Tim Smith

Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Unit (HSE)

KT Coordinator: Marco Silari

Physics Department (PH)

KT Coordinator: Michael Campbell
KT Coordinator: Michael Moll

Technology Department (TE)

KT Coordinator: Davide Aguglia
KT Coordinator: Etienne Carlier
KT Coordinator: Glyn Kirby