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KT funded projects

In 2011, the KT Fund was assigned to the following projects:

GEM detectors for safety and environmental applications

Submitted by: P. Martinengo and A. Di Mauro
Physics Department
This project proposes to develop two prototypes of resistive thick GEM sensors. The first one will be UV-sensitive, contained in a sealed gas vessel, to be used as high sensitivity / low cost indoor detector of flames, sparks and dangerous gases for safety applications. The second one will be sensitive to α emitting elements (such as natural Radon), to be used for environmental monitoring applications (and possibly for early earthquake prediction).

High temperature RF loads

Submitted by: F. Caspers and S. Federmann
Beams Department
This project aims at building a demonstrator of a new type of high power dielectric free RF absorber designed to provide high temperature (up to 200°C)/high pressure (up to 100 bar) outlet water usable to meet energy recovery requirements.

Medical isotopes production facility in ISOLDE

Submitted by: T. Stora
Engineering Department
In the frame of this project it is proposed to design and assemble a pneumatic transport system to allow the irradiation of target materials using ISOLDE “wasted” proton beam from the SPS, and their transfer to a shielded cell for proper preparation and packaging. This is an essential component to create at CERN a production facility for small quantities of “exotic” radioisotopes for medical research (in particular targeted alpha therapy for certain types of cancers).


Submitted by: A. Mapelli
Physics Department
This project aims at developing scintillation detectors based on microfluidics, capable of meeting at the same time high spatial resolution and low volume requirements. The main expected application is for online beam monitoring (profile and intensity) for hadrontherapy.

Photonic Crystals

Submitted by: P. Lecoq
Physics Department
The project aims at using a thin layer deposited on the coupling face of inorganic scintillators to the photo-detectors, called photonic crystals, to enhance the light extraction from scintillators. This research is relevant for all scintillator based detection systems in various fields, such as astronomy, homeland security or medical imaging.

La Boîte

Submitted by: S. Petit
General Infrastructure Services Department
This is a pedagogical project aiming at broadly diffusing a successful educational kit (including a booklet) used to promote the scientific method to school kids (and CERN image to school teachers). The requested funding would be mainly devoted to improve the layout of the tool.