Driving digital innovation with CERN technologies


Digital solutions

Digital technologies drive almost all aspects of modern life: from basic everyday tasks like measuring the distance walked to creating positive socio-economic impact through digital twins of cities.

CERN technologies pose countless possibilities for such innovative digital solutions. The expertise and technological know-how from CERN can also be used in areas beyond high-energy physics like preventing fraud in financial markets, helping autonomous- driving vehicles make faster decisions, art restoration and digital preservation of cultural heritage, and for contributing towards a healthier and more sustainable planet.

…exploring new applications

The potential application areas of CERN technologies are obviously not limited to the ones mentioned above. Have a look at our technology portfolio - maybe any of our technologies could apply to your industry? Or maybe your company could learn from any of CERN’s areas of expertise? 

Find out more about how CERN technologies and know-how have impact across industries:


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