Strategic cooperation with recognised aerospace organisations around the world and focus on application domains with both high positive impact on society and strong natural synergies with CERN core expertise: this is the path to achieving ambitious projects whether in space or in the sky.

CERN initiates, facilitates and coordinates high impact projects and transverse collaborations with external partners from the aerospace sector by making relevant CERN technologies, facilities and know-how available to drive technological innovation and exemplary research in the field.



Partnerships & collaborations

Always in search of complementary technical expertise and scientific excellence, CERN established a network of institutional partnership with space agencies, industry, universities and international organisations and continues to forge strategic partnerships with key players of the aerospace sector.

These partnerships occur at three levels:

  • At the European level, together with the European Space Agency (ESA) and of the European Union (EU).
  • At a bilateral level, with national space agencies from several countries (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, the UK and the United States of America).
  • With large aerospace companies, as well as SMEs and start-ups, including those hosted in Business Incubation Centres of CERN Technologies all over Europe.
  • CERN is a Member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).


Radiation testing of CELESTA satellite inside CHARM facility
Radiation testing of CELESTA satellite inside CHARM facility (Image: CERN)

EU projects related to aerospace

CERN is involved in a number of EU initiatives related to aerospace.

  • RADSAGA: A programme to train young scientists and engineers in radiation-exposed electronics.
  • RADNEXT: A network of facilities to respond to the emerging needs of radiation risk assessment for electronic components.
  • SiPhoSpace: A project exploring silicon photonics applications to high-speed optical data transmission in space.
  • IMPACTA: A project developing innovative thermal control solutions based on two-phase mechanically pumped loops for active antennae in space.
  • PAN: A project developing an instrument to precisely measure the flux, composition, and direction of highly penetrating particles in deep space.