Accelerating the Second Quantum Revolution with CERN Technology

Quantum technologies are set to revolutionise our world by applying the seemingly mysterious laws of physics at the smallest scales to real-world applications such as computing, communications, sensing and imaging.

Many of the extreme requirements faced by quantum technologies are shared with high energy physics such as ultra-high vacuums, precise timing, the need for superconducting materials, and more. For this reason, CERN has built up a wealth of expertise and specific technologies that can directly address challenges in the quantum industry.

The Knowledge Transfer (KT) Quantum team regularly attend events throughout the year and encourage you to get in touch with us if you would like to meet us in person. Please reach out to us in advance by contacting us through the button below.

      Meet the KT Quantum team

      16 Oct/23
      ENDS: 20 October, 2023

      Expertise and key competences for quantum technology

      for superconductivity and ultra-high vacuums
      Precision clock synchronisation for quantum communication
      for precise time tagging of single photon events
      for cold atoms and quantum communication

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