Camstech Biotech Startup Enters CERN Business Incubation Centre

<p>Detector technology developed at CERN and used on the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment was licensed to Camstech. <em>Image credit: CERN.</em></p>

A new biotech startup, called Camstech and which uses CERN technology, was welcomed into the STFC CERN UK Business Incubation Centre in March 2016.

Camstech was established in 2014 with a vision to commercialise a novel electrochemical sensor. These sensors are widely used in many fields and have applications in life sciences research, biotechnology, as well as environmental and medical monitoring. Technology developed as part of CERN's detector expertise required for High Energy Physics was licensed in March this year to Camstech to help them pursue that goal.

“I’m not surprised there are applications beyond detector technology,” says Rui de Oliveira, an engineer who has worked at CERN for 22 years, and who was involved from the very beginning in the development and patenting of the technology. The scientific needs of CERN require an army of engineers and technicians ready to develop new technology to help answer fundamental questions about particle physics and the Universe. “Even technology that is state of the art has room to mature further. At CERN, we are always faced with new challenges and we work hard to build new solutions ourselves,” continues de Oliveira, who says applications may follow in other fields.

Camstech is an example of how CERN is continuing its support through its dedicated network of Business Incubation Centres. The network assists entrepreneurs and small high-tech businesses in taking innovative technologies from technical concept to market reality using CERN technology or expertise. The entrepreneurs receive initial funding from the BIC and preferential access to CERN intellectual property as well as forty hours of support from CERN scientists or engineers.

The BICs are now present in 8 different countries, including the UK where Camstech is based, and provide office-space, expertise, business support and access to local and international networks and support in accessing financing. 

“We see the CERN BIC as the springboard from which Camstech can make the necessary jump to the marketplace,” says Professor Pankaj Vadgama, founder of Camstech. He adds, "The STFC CERN BIC provides us with an excellent support network."


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