From CERN to the clinic


Medipix – a family of read-out chips for particle imaging and detection developed at CERN – has proved its credentials outside the field of high-energy physics, including in art authentication and restoration. At a seminar at 11:00 CEST today at CERN, broadcast via a webcast, Ron M. A. Heeren from Maastricht University in the Netherlands now describes how one such chip, the Timepix chip, might in the future be found in surgery rooms and pathology departments.

The idea is to use the Timepix chip as a component of the detector in mass spectrometry imaging – a technique that maps the molecular composition of cells and tissues, and is used in many clinical research areas. In his talk, Ron Heeren will describe how Timepix enables the imaging throughput needed for intraoperative molecular pathology. This could help surgeons diagnose cancers and evaluate surgical margins, the rim of tissue around a tumour that has been surgically removed.

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