EIROforum presence at ESOF in Manchester, 23-27th July 2016.


The EIROforum will be present at the upcoming ESOF (European Science Open Forum) Conference in Manchester 23-27th July this year. CERN will be present as a member of the EIROforum.

EIROforum is an umbrella organisation of eight leading European Intergovernmental Research Organisations. The disciplines covered range from particle physics, space science and biology to fusion research, astronomy, neutron and photon sciences. The organisations included in the EIROforum are: CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, EUROfusion, European XFEL and ILL.

At ESOF, the EIROforum will present the science, technology, business, career and cooperation opportunities that come from pooling together resources for large European research infrastructures.

The EIROforum's presence at ESOF includes keynote sessions, panels and events to hear more and discuss with experts from the EIROforum. In addition, the thematic working group on Innovation Management and Knowledge/Technology Transfer (IMKTT), chaired by CERN, has initiated a physical presence through an EIROforum stand. The stand will showcase technologies from the 8 different EIROs that have a positive impact on society around three themes: Healthcare, Sustainability and Materials.

The programme of EIROforum's presence at ESOF is available for download here.