Explore CERN at Les Automnales: the science, its applications… and a drone


Today, Les Automnales, a huge, local fair of Geneva, opened its doors to the public at Palexpo - and CERN is the guest of honour. During the nine days of the event, from 10th-19th of November, it will be possible to visit the CERN stand, consisting of 1000 square meters of exhibits and activities related to particle physics and its applications. But what is a drone doing at a CERN exhibition?

Showing how the various areas of expertise at CERN translates into impact across industries through knowledge transfer is an important part of the exhibition, and a whole section is dedicated to showcasing applications of CERN technology in society.  Amongst others, it will be possible to learn about how CERN collaborates with start-ups, granting them access to CERN technologies and know-how. You might have guessed it already: The drone belongs to one of these start-ups. Terabee, a start-up which is part of the InnoGex BIC of CERN technologies, to be more precise.

Terabee started by providing aerial inspection and imaging services using drones. After a fruitful collaboration with CERN, Terabee developed high performance sensors to ensure the safety of drone operations in the complex environment of the LHC tunnel. After this, the collaboration has continued through the CERN Business Incubation Centre InnoGex. Today, they have extended the business to sensor and sensing solutions development, bringing new ideas and unique solutions to complex robotics, automation, monitoring and Internet of Things challenges for some of world's largest organisations.

The case of Terabee illustrates one of the ways organisations can collaborate with CERN. However, the opportunities for learning from CERN’s knowledge are plenty, and the application areas of CERN technologies and know-how span over many fields: from medical- and biomedical technologies to aerospace applications, safety, industry 4.0, environment, emerging technologies, and beyond.

Do you happen to be in the Geneva area? Come by CERN’s stand at Les Automnales to learn more about Terabee and the other start-ups using CERN technology, as well as how CERN creates impact on society through knowledge transfer.

For more information about CERN's presence at the Automnales fair 10-19 November, visit the Automnales site here.