BIC Screening Week  Oct 25 to Oct 29, 2021         

CERN Knowledge Transfer group in collaboration with the Business Incubation Centers (BICs) of CERN technologies hosts a screening week to connect entrepreneurs with technical experts at CERN to explore new areas of application of CERN technologies and know-how.

CERN provides technology expertise, time to discuss with the experts and where applicable, test prototypes. The participating BICs provide business strategy support, mentors to support the teams during the BIC screening week and financial support for the team to travel to CERN (depending if travel is possible, due to current pandemic restrictions). 

Who can participate?

Teams from the participating BICs who can use CERN technology and expertise to create a product or services. We are looking for teams who either have identified a problem/unmet need or propose to build a product entirely based on CERN technology or expertise.

How to find information about CERN technology?

Search for our events or conference materials on Indico or explore GitHub for software repositories.

For example: If you want to search for the technology  'Fast Machine Learning FPGA', you may find relevant information in CERN's portfolio. On Indico by using keywords such as 'Fast machine learning' or 'Fast inference FPGA' you can get articles regarding talks and presentations which give in-depth details of the technology. Finally, there is a dedicated webpage for this technology and a GitHub repository.

Event contact details 

Please contact the respective BICs for eligibility  and application process:

accent bic
Accent BIC




Ineustar bic
Inueustar BIC


BIC Screening Week  Oct 25 to Oct 29, 2021      

Details of the event and login details  will be communicated to the selected participants of the BIC Screening Week 2021. 

Disclaimer: The program might change due to unforeseen issues with the current pandemic. The participants will be communicated by the respective BICs if there are changes to the event.