CERN´s unique know-how in designing, building, operating robotics systems for interventions in harsh environments. CERN developed this technology to protect its personnel against hazards in the accelerator facilities. It includes drivers that allow integration of various commercially available sensors and robotic arms into the hardware platform.

The application areas are vast and include inspection, monitoring and remote handling in the hazardous environments of many industries. Its autonomous navigation could help visually impaired people with navigation and even be used in driver-assisted cars. 

CERN´s Know-How

  • Design and building of robotic solutions for specialised highly complex operations in harsh environments
  • Independent platforms employing reusable software components, from autonomous robotic vehicles to operator trained robots
  • Augmented reality tools and man-machine training for efficient multi purpose interventions

Fact & Figures

  • 7 different robotics platforms used at CERN
  • >112 mSv: radiation dose saved to personnel till end of 2018
  • 135 robotic interventions since 2015
  • 6 km/h: max speed of TIM (Train Inspection Monorail) in the LHC tunnel

Value Proposition

Read more about Robotics here.

Key Competences

Mechatronics and custom robotic solutions

Expertise in designing and implementing robotic solutions and use of such solutions for monitoring, remote inspections and tele- manipulation to execute complex tasks in harsh environments reducing human exposure to ionizing radiation.


  • Proficiency in software development and integration of third party components
  • Development of augmented reality techniques for operator training
  • Experience in real time applications and support for Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
  • Competence to handle complex mechanical design and integration requirements

Key Applications

Modular and flexible robotic platform

CERNBot is a modular and flexible robotic platform capable of delicate interventions in presence of ionization radiation. Primarily aimed for indoors interventions. Used across the CERN accelerator complex for critical interventions.

Autonomous robotic inspection platform

Train Inspection Monorail (TIM) is a unique modular, extensible, robotic platform capable to accomplish autonomously a variety of different missions. Including regular inspections, safety tasks, monitoring, complex interventions and others.