30 Oct/23
08:00 (UTC)
Ends: 2 Nov/23 18:00

International Timing and Sync Forum 2023


Antwerp, Belgium


The International Timing and Sync Forum is the largest timing and sync event in the world, gathering the global industry together under one roof for three days of critical discussion, solution showcasing and networking.

You will be able to learn about the #WhiteRabbit Collaboration and how to participate to shape the future of this technology. Recently incorporated in the #IEEE1588 standard, this open source technology is already used in finance, prototype quantum networks and large research infrastructures.

White Rabbit technology provides sub-nanosecond accuracy of synchronisation between devices on Ethernet networks. It is the most accurate implementation of the IEEE1588 standard and has now been adopted as the High Accuracy Default Profile of IEEE1588. The White Rabbit Collaboration aims to gather stakeholders of this technology so that companies and society can benefit from its full potential. By pooling resources, the collaboration will ensure the IEEE1588 High Accuracy Profile is implemented through an open source core that is maintained and upgraded to the highest level of performance and support.