10 Jun/21
16:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

The journey from CERN to something completely different - entrepreneurship in Augmented Reality

Fundamental research has many times seeded giant positive leaps in technology that changed the world beyond recognition, but it usually took a generation-long incubation period from discovery to action. The research process itself, however, regularly creates many ready-to-use by-products including the individual's experiences with technologies that lead to shorter-term progress in entirely unexpected fields.
This talk will present one such  very specific story of how the hands-on experience with a range of technologies at CERN and EPFL provided the necessary skill and fuelled the confidence to change career by 180 degrees and start building a display technology startup (CREAL). The talk will introduce the adventures of building a start-up from scratch and also the display technology itself - how it creates a natural 3D experience and why it is an important milestone on the way to the next big thing - the Augmented Reality. 

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