Apply now for the Knowledge Transfer fund and Medical Applications budget

The upcoming deadline for knowledge transfer funding opportunities for CERN personnel is 17 May 2021

Working on a project with societal impact? Apply now for the Knowledge Transfer fund and Medical Applications budget
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The CERN Knowledge Transfer (KT) fund and the Medical Applications (MA) budget are funding opportunities for projects proposed by CERN personnel and based on CERN technologies with high potential for a positive impact on society. Over the years, the projects funded have spanned many technological fields and applications, from the medical and biomedical fields to industry 4.0, environmental protection and sustainability and cultural heritage.

Since 2011, 100 projects have been funded, with the amounts received ranging from 12 to 550 kCHF. In order to be considered, a project should be based on CERN technologies, it should have the approval of the department head, and the department should agree to cover the salaries of the staff members involved. If your technology has the potential for applications in medical or biomedical technologies, you should apply for funding from the MA budget, while if you are targeting other societal applications you should apply for the KT fund.

Submissions for the MA budget should be first presented – even if they are incomplete – at one of the Medical Applications Project Forum meetings. The next forum is on 5 May. 

Full applications for both the KT fund and the MA budget should be submitted by 17 May 2021.
All applicants will then present their proposals to the KT fund and MA budget selection committee on 24 June 2021.

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