Timepix: from CERN’s galleries to the Moon

The renowned Timepix detector celebrates its 10-year anniversary on the International Space Station by flying to the Moon: the chip features in NASA’s future lunar programme

16 November, 2022

Fighting cancer with LIGHT

A novel proton accelerator for cancer treatment, based on CERN technology, is getting ready to receive its first patients in the United Kingdom

11 November, 2022

Quantum deep: delving into quantum technologies at CERN’s QT4HEP conference

The event discussed the latest developments in quantum technologies and identified activities within particle physics and beyond that can most benefit from their application

09 November, 2022

Norway's NTNU students explore commercial opportunities for CERN technologies

Students from the NTNU’s School of Entrepreneurship spent last week exploring the commercial potential of CERN technologies in communications, imaging, aerospace, drug-production or environmental applications.

04 November, 2022