September 2021

News Highlights: Epidemiologists use CERN technology to evaluate risk of COVID-19 transmission in schools; CERN’s contribution to biomedical development in Western Switzerland and worldwide; Innovate with CERN: New technologies for Danish companies; Short talks - Early-career researchers in medical applications @ CERN.

Entrepreneurship: A launch pad for the next generation of technical entrepreneurs.

EU Projects: PRISMAP – The European medical radionuclides programme sets out to substantially change the European landscape for novel and emerging medical radionuclides; Accelerating News is out!

CERN & Society Foundation: CERN’s Science Gateway takes (tubular) shape.

IdeaSquare: The IdeaSquare Progress Report for 2019-2020 has been released!

CERN Alumni: CERN Alumni Second Collisions – Networking Tables; From the ATLAS Experiment to Improving Augmented-Reality.

CERN openlab: Hacking for humanity: Wildfire alerts, tackling domestic violence, reducing educational inequality and more at CERN’s global Webfest; “Lightning talks” bring CERN openlab’s first ever full online summer-student programme to a close.

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