VESPER - High energy electrons

VESPER is the only facility on Earth able to replicate the most extreme phenomena of Jupiter’s harsh radiative environment. The biggest planet of the Solar System has a very strong magnetic field, which traps electrons of energies up to several hundred megaelectron volts with very large fluxes.

In order to prepare the JUICE spacecraft for its exploration mission around Jupiter’s icy moons, expected to last several years, ESA came to VESPER. There, they successfully tested the capacity of some of the JUICE critical electronic components to withstand high energy electron fluxes for such long durations.

VESPER is part of the CLEAR (CERN Linear Electron Accelerator for Research) experimental linear electron accelerator at CERN. 

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Advantages & Applications

The main application of the beamline is to characterise electronic components for the operation in a Jovian environment, in which trapped electrons of energies up to several hundred MeVs are present with very large fluxes. In addition, the use of the beam line for the characterisation of devices and detectors in a purely electro-magnetic beam for high-energy accelerator applications is also relevant.