A call to the CERN Community

CIPEAThe CERN Innovation Programme on Environmental Applications (CIPEA) will harness CERN’s innovation potential in environmental technologies. The primary objective of the programme is to encourage CERN experts to come up with ideas for environmental applications based on CERN’s technologies, know-how and facilities. Hopefully, some of these ideas will give rise to impactful projects in collaboration with external partners.


  • Kick-off event: 8 March 2022.
  • Deadline for submission [extended]: 10 June 2022.
  • CIPEA Innovation Day: 27 June 2022.
  • KT Fund Session with focus on Environmental Projects: 22 September 2022.

Update on the programme (01/09/2022)

On 27 June, the CIPEA Innovation Day welcomed 15 innovative project proposals reflecting the CERN community’s commitment to tackling environmental challenges. Following this event, many CIPEA proposals have applied for funding from the CERN Knowledge Transfer fund, others are going ahead with external funding or other KT support. On 22 September, the projects will be assessed at CERN KT fund Selection Committee (composed of Heads of Department or by their representatives). The applicants will be informed about their decision by e-mail a few weeks after the KT Fund Selection Committee Meeting. Financing will most likely start beginning of next year.

Participation Process

Individuals or teams involving at least a current CERN Member of the Personnel.

In this first phase, the CIPEA is looking for project ideas to address environmental challenges through the use of CERN technology/facilities/expertise.

In order to be part of the CIPEA, projects should meet the following conditions:

  • The project must be endorsed by the Department Head;
  • The project is at least partially based on CERN technology / facilities / expertise;
  • The project addresses a clearly identified environmental challenge;
  • The project is feasible in a reasonable timescale / with reasonable resources.

In the ideation phase, the Knowledge Transfer group is available to help you assess the feasibility of the project and preparing the submission form.

Please contact the Environmental Applications Coordinator.

The formal submission must be done by sending the dedicated CIPEA submission form (link) to CIPEA-2022@cern.ch.

Please submit your project idea before 27 May 2022. Deadline extended to 10 June 2022.

The project proponents will be invited to present their idea during the CIPEA Innovation Day (in June). Projects will be discussed with CERN Management and with nominated representatives of CERN's Technical Departments in order to set implementation priorities on the base of criteria that include:

  • Expected impact;
  • Expected cost;
  • Feasibility.

In the implementation phase, suitable support strategies will be defined. Options include:

  • Use of internal instruments like the KT fund (next round of selection in September) or the CERN Technology Impact Fund;
  • Establishment of bilateral partnerships with external organisations;
  • Coordination or participation in EU projects or national ones.

To request support or in case of questions please contact the Environmental Applications Coordinator.

Take part in CIPEA (Video: CERN)