Camstech: Electrochemical Sensors for Water Pollution Measurement

Success Story

Application Domains

It is often said that knowledge transfer is a contact sport - refererring to the fact that some of the most surprising collaborations can result from putting the right people together: the passionate scientist and the visionary entrepreneur. The startup Camstech Ltd, which joined the STFC-CERN Business Incubation Centre in 2016, is the result of such serendipity after realising that CERN's unique process for making small micrometric holes in printed circuit boards in a predefined pattern was exactly what the company needed for a tiny ultrasensitive biochemical sensor. Although initially aimed at the health sector, the sensor allows for a very accurate measurement of dissolved oxygen in liquids, which is one of the key indicators of water quality. A commercial low-cost version of the sensor will make precise water quality measurement more accessible worldwide.


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