Indico (Integrated Digital Conference) is a web-based, multi-platform, conference lifecycle and agenda management system. It has also become the long-term archiving tool for documents and metadata related to all kinds of events that take place at CERN, and a hub for accessing local and remote collaboration services at CERN. The software is used in production at CERN (hosting > 190,000 events and around 12,000 visitors per day), publicly released under the GPLv3, and installed in more than 100 institutes world-wide.

Advantages & Applications


The market applicability of the product is extremely wide, being of use to any organisation wishing to implement conference/agenda management software.
It may be used for:

  • Event Management; full life-cycle
  • Corporate and institutional event data management and archiving
  • Professional collaboration hub


  • Web-based, fully flexible platform
  • Suitable for entire event lifecycle, from pre- to post- conference management
  • Multi-platform compatibility (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Flexible plugins system to integrate the software seamlessly to the corporate/institutional environment
Publicly released under the GPLv3 (open source software license)
Publicly released under the GPLv3 (open source software license)