White Rabbit

White Rabbit provides sub-nanosecond accuracy and picoseconds precision of synchronization for large distributed systems. It also allows for deterministic and reliable data delivery. White Rabbit allows you to precision time-tag measured data and lets you trigger data taking in large installations while at the same time using the same network to transmit data.

22 March 2024: "CERN launches the White Rabbit Collaboration"

26 June, 2020: "White Rabbit, a CERN-born technology, sets a new global standard".

Advantages & Applications


  • Based on standards, with the concepts underlying the technology incorporated in the IEEE 1588 standard, under the High Accuracy (HA) profile.
  • Open-source allowing you to modify it and adapt it to your needs.
  • Able to benefit from a structured global community aims to foster the further uptake of the technology by industry: The White Rabbit Collaboration.
  • Already commercially available from multiple vendors.


  • Finance sector (such for example in the Deutsche Borse).
  • Large research infrastructure (such as the LHAASO Telescope).
  • Data acquisition system of fusion experiments (such as the Swiss Plasma Centre).
  • Quantum network experiments (such as NIST paper).
  • Tested as a viable alternative to GNSS (JRC report).


The White Rabbit Technology allows:

  • Sub-nanosecond synchronization
  • Ethernet-based gigabit rate reliable data transfer¬†connecting thousands of nodes.

For more details: https://ohwr.org/project/white-rabbit/wikis/home

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