Today, particle physics-related applications in the medical domain represent one of the most relevant knowledge-transfer opportunities in terms of potential impact on society. CERN’s aim is to identify its most promising technologies, know-how and facilities for use in the biomedical and medical physics fields, with a focus on those that are unique to CERN, and of interest to Member and Associate Member States.

By working closely with healthcare, scientific and industrial experts, CERN can ensure it provides solutions to the end-users’ needs.

For more information please see the Strategy and Framework Applicable to Knowledge Transfer by CERN for the Benefit of Medical Applications.

  • The CERN Medical Applications Steering Committee (CMASC) selects, prioritises, approves and coordinates all proposed MA projects and their execution within the available budget. It receives input from the Medical Applications Project Forum (MAPF), the CERN Medical Applications Advisory Committee (CMAAC) and various KT bodies;
  • The CERN-Member States KT Thematic Forum (KT Forum) brings together CERN and Member State representatives to exchange information and ideas and identify potential partners for participation in KT projects and activities, including those related to medical applications. Associate Member States are also welcome to participate. Every year, at least one meeting of the KT Forum is entirely devoted to the discussion of MA activities;
  • The CERN Medical Applications Project Forum (MAPF) identifies the most promising CERN technologies and infrastructures that are relevant to the medical domain, and proposes related projects to the CMASC. It facilitates communication on MA activities between the CERN experts and external bodies;
  • The CERN KT Medical Applications Strategy Support Team (KT-MA)  coordinates and provides operational support for CERN’s MA activities. It also negotiates and puts in place the necessary agreements with selected project partners.
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