CERN’s Know-How

  • Decades of experience in simulation, design, construction and operation of accelerators. Bespoke hardware and software for acceleration, diagnostics, beam control and monitoring.
  • In-house design and modelling of superconductive devices and magnet systems. Design, integration and operation of large-scale cryogenic systems.
  • High spatial resolution detectors for measuring particle beam structure and energy deposition in hadron therapy.
  • Accurate simulation tools for modelling particle passage through matter.

Facts & Figures

  • 1980’s: Start of medical accelerator development at CERN.
  • <100 milliseconds: Treatment time with electron FLASH radiotherapy.
  • >80%. Expected reduction in weight offered by GaToroid vs. conventional gantries for proton and carbon ion therapy.
  • 2m: The CERN compact HF-RFQ reaches an energy of 5MeV within this distance.

Value Proposition

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